I'm Jakob Tripolt an Austrian designer inspired by growing up in a beautiful little town among idyllic mountains.

I love design – its magnificent aesthetic, its power to make products desirable and drive sales, its strength to communicate clearly, minimal and on point, its ability to show a person's, company's or product's character, its cleverness and usefulness … and I still can't get enough of it. To me, designing is like taking a trip – check out why.

In my free time I like visiting museums, running up and down the mountains, travelling and savoring the good things in life.


Since 2010 I've been part of the popup-team. Mainly, I'm designing websites and apps as an art director. I enjoy figuring out individual solutions like for the Stuben Website or the Fohrenburger App together with our skilled developers and appreciated clients. Additionally, I work out effective social media strategies to create positive interactions with the brand.


I finished my BA and MA degress in Intermedia at the FH Vorarlberg. It was a pleasure to get to know a great variety of methods to make appealing designs and eventually ended up with Food Access being my final project.

Let's take a trip

... have a good time and reach a breathtaking design solution.
Just send me a homing pigeon to:

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